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Open positions

We’re building the future of software development

Together, we’re building Dooer, a place where some of the most talented people, like you, can achieve their best. We believe in an agile, collaborative, and inclusive working community, where each team member plays an essential role in achieving our shared goals.

Work from anywhere

Some of us like to work remotely, some of us don’t. We are remote-first, but if you prefer a shared office space, we’ll arrange one for you. If you work from home, we will ensure you have everything you need.

Flexible working hours

Not everyone likes to start early every morning. At Dooer, we do not have any one-for-all solution. Instead, you can adjust your schedule to meet your needs.

Competitive salary

We offer competitive salaries based on your skills, experience, and hard work. On top of your paycheck, you have the opportunity to earn even more on your monthly salary by participating in our bonus program.

Latest tech

You are getting a 16” Macbook Pro, and we are open to providing the equipment you need, such as and not strict to a monitor, headphones, adaptors and other gadgets.

Modern tools

We use Slack, Lucid, G Suite, TypeScript, Node.js, AWS, React, Apollo Client, REST and GraphQL, JSON Schema, JSONata and more to work together as smoothly as possible without leaving any stone unturned.

Startup atmosphere

If you have an entrepreneurial mind and thrive in a fast-paced environment where we build products from scratch, this is the place for you.