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No Fluff

We don’t like unnecessary fluff:

  • No unnecessary marketing pages; include all relevant information in guides in Git.
  • Keep the pricing model simple.
  • Use clear language; state it as it is without adding non-valuable adjectives— the unit test: “If you read this headline, do you clearly know what it is or do?”
  • Consistency is key; ensure a seamless transition from website to app to documentation, where users don’t need to remap anything in their heads because everything is 1:1 across all layers.
  • We don’t do lengthy sales cycles! Try it, like it, then use it. If not, then don’t. Simple.
  • In support, we don’t chit-chat; we help by being formal, short, and to the point. You contact us when you need help, we will help. Efficient. Fast. Done.