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Terms of Service

Dooer Terms of Service Condensed Edition

Note: For enterprise customers with in-house legal teams, we offer a detailed TOS. Contact

For everyone else, here’s the no-fluff version of our TOS:

1. Acceptance of Terms

If you use Dooer, you agree to these terms. If not, please don’t use our services.

2. Account Registration

  • Setup: Just register and dive in.
  • One Account: One account per humen, please.
  • Bots: No bots allowed, unless you’re R2-D2.

3. Your Data

  • Ownership: Your data is yours.
  • Protection: We protect and never sell your data.
  • Deletion: Delete your data anytime. There’s no going back, though.

Data Backup

  • Backup: We back up your data securely in a second location.
  • Personal Backup: It’s always good to have your own backup.

4. Use of Service

  • Rules: Use our services legally and responsibly.
  • Freedom: Explore, have fun, and play away within our guidelines. Be a good internet samaritan.

5. Free Plans

  • No Cost: It’s free.
  • Consistency: Free services remain free, forever, no hidden agendas.
  • Upgrade Flexibly: Upgrade only if you want more shiny features or support.
  • Buy extra services: Want to stay free, but also buy extra services? No problem, mix it like Swedish candy.

6. Prices and Payments

  • Transparency: Clear and upfront pricing.
  • Price Changes: We’ll inform you in advance. Changes apply at the next billing cycle. Just cancel or downgrade if the price changes are too steep.
  • Payment Methods: Standard methods. Buckets of pennies not accepted.

7. Service Changes

Services evolve, and we’ll inform you of changes, services, and features, might change, removed or added, sometimes with short notice.

It’s the same everywhere else, others just hide it in a legal jungle of jargon in their TOS.

We might showcase our relationship with you in our communications. Wanna stay in the down-low, no problem. Opt out in the settings panel.

9. Privacy

We respect your privacy. Detailed policy available here.

10. Liability

Let’s keep it friendly. But if you’re really upset and want to sue us, we’re responsible up to the amount you’ve paid us the last 12 months.

11. Law & Jurisdiction

Disputes resolved in Sweden. We prefer friendly resolutions, though.

12. Contact Us

Questions or suggestions? Email

13. Fair Use

Love our service? Great, just use it responsibly. Misuse and our Dooer Deffender might suspend or terminate your account.

14. API Use Terms

  • Freedom: Use APIs to enhance your solutions.
  • Responsibility: Don’t abuse them.

15. Customer Support

Got an issue? Check our guides or contact support for quick, precise help.

16. Terms Update

Our TOS is updated periodically. Review it occasionally; if they doesn’t suit you anymore, you’re free to cancle at any time.

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