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AI Content Disclaimer


The content of this articles in this Git-repo is AI-generated or AI-processed to allow us to focus on what’s more important.

  • If you find any inaccuracies or issues, please report them to {article-name} or make a Git commit suggestion directly.


Why do you use AI to generate or work with these types of files?

We are on a mission to create tools for users, businesses and teams together with you, with a passion for solving daily problems. Our goal is to remain a lean team, maximizing our focus on core areas that will create the larges value for you. We use AI to automate mundane tasks, allowing us to focus on what’s important.

We embrace the evolution of AI tools, which will improve over time, we are also in a journey to enhance our processes. For now, we use AI as much as possible, acknowledging that it may occasionally result in errors.

What we never compromise on is security, privacy compliance, standards, and all other critical elements that are key to our mission.

Doesn’t this approach seem unprofessional?

On the contrary, we don’t think so! Efficiency is what we believe in, staying true to our core mission and minimizing time spent on mundane non-core tasks. Our use of AI reflects our commitment to innovation and agility in serving our users’ needs.

I think using AI this way is unprofessional

We respect your opinion, and from your perspective, it might seem so. We are all influenced by the collective community and have our role models. We strive to follow what we believe is right, but are also always open to feedback and love deep conversations, as we all evolve from them. #Building-Dooer-In-Public

The closing statement has been updated to reflect your input while preserving the essence of the original headline as a statement that addresses concerns about the use of AI.